National and Local Removals

We have a division of national and local removals. We take care of conditioning and packing your goods, transporting them with the required care to the destination, where we will unpack and post-condition your belongings. We provide this service with absolute effectiveness, allowing you to enjoy the tranquility and security necessary to dedicate your time to other matters. In parallel we will be making your move with the efficiency that characterizes us and that our clients already know.


The service includes

  • Entry of your service to our computer network.
  • Packaging of fragile items including the materials to be used.
  • Conditioning of furniture including electrical appliances.
  • Labeling and numbering of all packages for control, selecting them by areas (locations).
  • Numbering of all the packages for their control, selecting them by areas (locations) and preparation of the Content List (Packing list).
  • Careful handling of packages and loading in transport units.
  • Constant monitoring by telephone and e-mail.
  • Transport authorization process.
  • Transportation of belongings to the new destination.
  • Delivery and conditioning of furniture.
  • Removal of waste materials.