Artwork Moving

Experienced staff, in addition to the supervision of our logistics department, allow us to provide a highly specialized and safe service in the packaging of artworks. We have packed and moved a large number of peculiar and exotic artworks. For example, collections of the Museo de la Nación, De Oro, Antropológico, Grunding and the "Señor de Sipán" along with other delicate pieces of our Inca and pre-Inca culture.

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The service includes

  • Entry of your service to our computer network.
  • Specialized packaging staff.
  • Complete packaging, including the material to be used and the construction of the liftvans, boxes for paintings and artworks, in accordance with international packaging standards.
  • Inventory, hauling, marking and weighing of packages.
  • Preparation of internally and externally waterproofed liftvanss and placement of silica gel for protection against humidity and mothproofing.
  • Filling the liftvanss and containers in front of the residence and placing numbered security seals.
  • Preparation of documents for shipment departure.
  • Transport of boxes and containers to the airport or port and their control until the departure of the ship.
  • Export Customs procedures origin country.
  • Payment of shipping duties and payment of freight to the airport or port of destination.
  • Constant monitoring of the shipment by our tracking service, telephone and e-mail.
  • Import Customs procedures destination country.
  • Local transportation, delivery to the second floor, unpacking and conditioning of the artworks at the address you indicate, including the removal of waste material.
Artwork Moving